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I need feminism; because the bra straps of a twelve year old shouldn’t make a 40 year old married principal with two daughters “uncomfortable”

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👽Same person different planet🌙 #bling #septumring #gold #grill #goldgrillz #cyber #nugoth #tattoochoker #90s #lipstick


👽Same person different planet🌙 #bling #septumring #gold #grill #goldgrillz #cyber #nugoth #tattoochoker #90s #lipstick






Obama Administration has taken the Grey Wolf population off of the endangered species list, making it legal to kill them. They places on the list in 1973 and now the Obama Administration thinks their population has risen to a healthy size, and describes the killing of these wolves as “wolf management”. Meaning they are justifying this killing this beautiful and majestic creature to “protect live stock” and control their population growth. There used to be over 400,000 grey wolves roaming the states. Now there is still less than 5,000. If this is considered a healthy recovery to the Obama Administration then they need to pay more attention to the science of observation.

Reasons why you should be angry about this and fight for the wolves:

Watch the video above. 

Wolves restore and balance entire forest ecosystems. They are key predators to other species keeping the species populations in balance with in the forest. Wolves are very social and family oriented creatures who mate for life, and keep life long relationships with their packs. They are highly intelligent and very essential to the health of forest ecosystems across the entire continental U.S. But now they only thrive in the wild in Canada, some northern parts of Montana, and Yellowstone where they were reintroduced. Grey wolves once roamed the entire U.S. 

Help fight for the survival of these essential and magnificent creatures of the forest and mountains. 

Sign this petition to help protect these wolves and other vulnerable species. And Spread the word.

Pictures and statement provided by Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.


fucking idiots

I am so sad. What the fuck.