The name's Braden. I like just about all things deemed nerdy or geeky. This blog is an amalgamation of everything that holds my interest, whether it be girls, cunnilingus, adventure time, Star Wars (any other one of the many fandoms I'm in), or nature and animals. I'm also a really hopeless romantic, and I'm sappier than Vermont or Canada. I rather enjoy conversations and talking to people, so drop me a line if the mood strikes you. :)



But srsly who eats salt n vinegar chips at 11.37am on a Thursday

Communists.. that’s who.

crystalfairyxx asked
If there was only one thing you could eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose? All the nutritional values don't count :P

Girls out… hahaha. But in all seriousness. Prolly a good home made slow cooker beef stew. Or my home made fried rice. Not to toot my own horn, but that shit is delicious aaaand nutritious (due to me being apescitarian). I’ve actually thought about this a lot lately cos my room mate likes to ask me these kindsa questions, and she just asked me this one. :3.